Hawza Ilmiyya of England at a Glance:

One of the outstanding educational institutions that masters in both academic and traditional sciences is the ‘Hawza Ilmiyya of England’. Since its establishment in 2003, it has provided marvellous community building and community service. From providing its graduates as ‘resident scholars’ to many different communities in the UK and as the medium of teaching and learning is in English, it has become a source of spiritual, traditional and academic support to many Muslims living in the UK, Europe and Internationally.

Furthermore, many of its students have graduated and travelled to the Seminaries of Qum for advance and further studies in the field of ‘Religious Sciences’. The Hawza of England has been very instrumental in also providing support to local ‘madrasas’ (the Sunday and Quran teaching schools) by having courses geared towards the methodology of Quran teachings.

The Hawza Ilmiyah of England is an extension of the very traditional Hawza (seminaries) of Najaf & Qum and this is because the curriculum of this institution has been adapted from the Seminaries of Najaf & Qum. The unique aspect of this Hawza is that along with teaching the ‘traditional (sunnati) sciences’, the students also become aware of the ‘academic’ approach towards the sciences.

They are fully trained in academic writing, rational thinking and post-modern thinking. Hence, making the students equipped to attend to the critiques and challenges faced by Muslims living in the West. In order to have an insight of what Hawza is all about and how the Hawza of England is an offshoot of the traditional Hawza.