Analytical Grammar (The key to understand ing the Qur’an)

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This module will build on the students’ knowledge of Analytical Grammar furthering their depth of understanding of most Quranic sentences without the necessity of sources. Moreover, it will reinforce the previously learnt rules of Arabic Morphology and Syntax in analyzing how they are applied in verses of the Qur’an for contemplation, exegesis, and translation.

Recognition of repetitive words, the principle of verbal correspondence and synonymy in the Qur’an
Familiarity with morphological-syntactic constructions in the contents of the Qur’an
Evaluation of historical constructions in relation to the concepts and words of the Qur’an
Learn to make similar words from a variety of morphological bins
Definition of great derivation and a variety of dialects and words involved
Familiarity with metaphor in the construction of content
Familiarity with the cultural context of the concepts of the Qur’an
Mastery of the practical context, aspects and similar sentences of the Qur’an
Historical distance between lexicographers and the strange issue of the Qur’an
The teacher for this subject is Mr. Muqaddas and the text book is: The key of Understanding Quran, Shojaee, M. (1992). Tehran: Office for Publication of Islamic Culture. Al-Quran Karim Council, (1995). The Concepts of Quran, Tehran: Office for Publication of Islamic
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Enrolled: 23 students
Duration: 10 hours
Lectures: 9
Video: 9 hours
Level: Beginner