Analytical Grammar

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This module aims to review the grammatical rules of Arabic Morphology and Syntax by analysing how they are applied in verses of the Qur’an, traditions and other classical Arabic texts. It will reinforce learning of the rules of Arabic Morphology and Syntax. It will examine in detail the essential components of words, and sentences and to appreciate through practice how meanings change according to different grammatical readings; and develop the student’s analytical and application skills and to enhance their ability to understand religious and academic texts, helping to pave the way to a future of reading Arabic with confidence.

The syllabus topics for this module largely follow the pace and structure of the material covered in the Morphology and Syntax modules. The topics covered include:

What is Analytical Grammar?
The Moods of the Imperfect Verb (al-Fi‘l al-Muḍāri‘)
Morphological Analysis of Verbs
The Cases of the Noun (al-’Ism)
Hidden Vowel Signs of a Declinable Noun
Morphological Analysis of Nouns
The Adjective (al-Na‘t) and the Conjuction (al-‘Atf)
The Emphatic (al-Tawkīd) and the Apposition (al-Badl)
Desinential Syntax (al-I’rāb) of Indeclinable Words and Sentences
Prepositions (al-Ḥurūf)
The teacher for this subject is HIWM Sheikh Rashid and the text book is: ‘Irab al-Qur'an wa Bayanuh. Darwish, M. (1994). Dar al-Irshad. 
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Enrolled: 16 students
Duration: 10 hours
Lectures: 10
Video: 9 hours
Level: Beginner