Introduction to Fiqh and Usul

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The module aims to familiarize the student with an overview of the jurisprudence (fqh) and principles of jurisprudence (ilm al usul). Usually for a student to directly delve into jurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence without an  introduction will be perplexing and this module will introduce and briefly define the terms and terminologies that are used in fiqh and usul al fiqh. This module also aims to point out to the in- depth reality of these sciences and how a jurist (mujtahid) must be well equipped with the methodology and the knowledge in these two fields.

   Jurisprudence (fqh) and Principles of Jurisprudence (usul al fiqh) have always occupied a prominent place in the teaching at Islamic Seminaries (hawza). These two disciplines play a major role in formation of Shi’a legal framework.

Usul al fiqh is concern with the methodology by which a jurist concludes an Islamic law. Linguistically speaking fiqh means ‘profound understanding’ and when it comes within the domain of the religious framework it is considered with knowing the religious law in a profound way and being aware of all the aspects of the Islamic Law.

The module traces back these two sciences to the basics and explores the different categories and the Islamic Law and furthermore, how a jurist utilizes the ‘principle of jurisprudence’ in extracted a law from the religious text i.e. Quran and Sunnah. The module will also provide a brief history of the development of the sciences of ‘principle of jurisprudence’ (‘ilm al usul). Furthermore, the module will clarify the relationship of fiqh with usul al fiqh and how these sciences complement each other.

Jurisprudence and its roots in the Principles of Jurisprudence
Different Categories in Principles of Jurisprudence and How different rulings are derived from them
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The module teacher for this subject is Mr. Merali and the text book for it is: Understanding Islamic Sciences. Mutahhari, M., (2002). ICAS Press.
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Duration: 10 hours
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