Biographical and Narrative Studies

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In order to determine the extent to which a tradition can be used in Islamic studies, if at all, through the process of two related fields of study: Biographical Studies, which critically examines particular attributes of narrators of traditions in order to determine their trustworthiness; and Narrative Studies, which investigates the chain and text of traditions in order to ascertain their authenticity. This module aims to examine criteria used for ascertaining the authenticity of traditions from both a Biographical and a Narrative point of view; and investigate individual biographies of important narrators and evaluate the different ways in which a tradition can be received and transmitted.

What are Biographical and Narrative Studies?
The Need for Biographical Studies
Ways of Ascertaining the Trustworthiness of a Narrator
The Consensus Companions
Biographical Study of Important Narrators
Terminology Employed in Biographical Studies
Classification of Traditions and the Level of their Authenticity
Terminology Employed in Narrative Studies
Modes of Receiving and Transmitting a Tradition
Faq Content 1
Faq Content 2
The teacher for this topic is Sheikh Subhani and the text book for it is: Durus Mujazah fi ‘Ilma al-Rijal wa al-Dirayah.Al-Subhani, J. (2010). Qum: Al-Mustafa International Translation and Publication Centre.
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