The History module is divided into two parts; the life of the prophet and the formative period of Shi’a Islam which includes the life of the Imams and beyond. The first part of the Islamic History modules. It aims to introduce the foundation of the formative period of Islam that began with the advent of Islam. It will present the social structure of the Arabs before the advent of Islam and the social milieu in which Prophet Muhammad (s) was born. It focuses on the life and mission of the Prophet Muhammad, the establishment of the first Muslim community in Medina and its struggle for survival. The module will assist the student to grasp the foundation of Islam from an historical prospective and look at complex issues of the succession to the Prophet.

The second part of the Islamic History modules. It aims to examine the formation and development of the Shia school of thought in the first 270 years (610 CE to 270 CE) of Islamic history. Moreover, it will investigate the personality of the Prophet of Islam, the Twelve Shia Imams and the daughter of the Prophet, Fatimah (s) in the context of the historical period in which they lived.

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