Quranic Studies

This module aims to introduce the student, with no or little academic background on the Qur’an, to two types of Qur’anic studies: Qur’anic sciences (which consists of scholarly disciplines related to the study of the Qur’an, examining subjects such as the revelation of the Qur’an, its compilation and structure); and the methods and approaches to Qur’anic exegesis (tafsīr) (which explores how religious knowledge is derived from the Qur’an). Sunsequently, it will equip students with important insights into these key areas of Qur’anic study, which will assist them to a better understanding of the Book and the works of pioneering exegetes, providing a solid basis for their future years of study and research.

Theology Category Courses

Hawza Studies
4 Lectures
10 hours